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As an interior decorator, we can provide more than just a simple renovation. If you desire a renovation with a certain added value, a well-thought out layout and a high-quality execution, Marcotte Style is the partner for you. This certainly does not mean that we will only work with big budgets and only with luxury items. Instead, we offer you a one-of-a-kind and extraordinary complete interior design up to the final decoration showing how proud we are of leaving our trademark here. We will try to surprise you time and time again by being able to achieve more than expected for the same budget.

Thanks to our professional subcontractors who are tuned to each other and for whom coordination only runs through one and the same person, we can guarantee you a perfect interior decoration. If you entrust us with your ‘carte blanche’, we will most certainly not disappoint. In this case, our honour is even more at stake and we need to present a completely finished interior design without you experiencing the least inconvenience.

Such a complete renovation based on our detailed plans and 3D images will certainly provide you with a financial and aesthetic added value. Some of our clients purchase an old flat in one of the best locations and ask the interior architect to create a completely new interior for it. Not only is this interesting, but it is quite lucrative as well; you will truly win back double the price of the renovation and decoration in the added value. In this context, you can buy a flat, redecorate it and sell it with a big profit if you only let us do the work.

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Marcotte Style present renovations with a certain added value, a well-thought out layout and a high-quality execution in order to realise a complete interior design up to the full decoration of the home.