Villa in Knokke - Marcotte Style
Villa in Knokke - Total Interior Design
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The message was to harmonize everything and make meaningful details. This villa has been decorated over the years without furniture, carpets and other objects. The floor was dark and required renewal and rejuvenation.

The curtains have been replaced, but we thy never before thought of a certain harmony. The chandelier above the dining room has been now centered just in front of the dining table and the double door. The living room has now reached a simplified perspective. The coffee table has a solid wood top in Elm. The small side table is placed in a playful way under the large central table. It does not only look neat and beautiful, but it is also very practical.

In the composition of colors is chosen for the colors TAUPE,  interrupted by light white tones.

Marcottestyle wanted to harmonize all the volumes, colors and perspectives. The terracotta lamps were also granted to the ensemble. All of these important details are in the most effective balance with incoming light and shadows. These are all points of attention that Marcottestyle always takes into account. At Marcottestyle, you can count on a lot of experience with this type of project. With proper advice and knowledge, a complete project always leads to flawless execution of plans.

The office got new curtains with an old cabinet and the existing desk was sanded and then oiled with a white patina. For optimal protection, the white chalk wood has also received two layers of matte varnish.

Against the long wall around the fireplace, a perfectly proportioned white wooden sideboard was made. In the middle, above the fireplace is the television. Surprisingly, the curtains in a very soft noble fabric, the colors come back completely in the white walls and cabinets. This creates continuity and the curtains and walls become a whole.

The room which was a little dark and sad was transformed with little intervention to make it a room with some finesse of good taste. Here plays the gray taupe and beige tones a dominant role in all bedspreads, curtains and walls without being too intrusive. The whole gives a feeling very serenity.

It seems that the small bathroom has suddenly become a little larger thanks to a completely different layout. This effect is due to the adoption of the large shower that was placed in the center of the room and place the two sinks against the wall of the shower. This also gives room for mounting low cabinets against the long wall. The radiator now disappears aesthetically between the two custom cabinets and forms a whole.

To get an idea of ​​the metamorphosis, take the trouble to look at the image of “before and after”. After that, you are quickly convinced.