Modern villa on the coast - Marcotte Style
Modern villa on the coast - Total Interior Design
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A nice example of a modern interior:

Wood brings some warmth to a modern interior. Here a walnut wood has been chosen. This wood can be found in the front door, the dining room to the kitchen and bedroom.

The modern kitchen:

An open kitchen should not look like a real kitchen, but more like a cozy bar where you can have an aperitif while cooking. This is a real living kitchen.


A spacious dining room:

Thanks to the automatic large windows, nature is brought in. It is wonderful to enjoy the garden indoors in the summer. An automatic window that disappears into the wall is the pinnacle of architecture.

Beautiful bedrooms with notable accents:

The common thread is everywhere. These accents in beautiful walnut give unity to the interior. It not only makes the interior cozy, but this gives a signature to the design.

Modern suitable bathrooms:

An ideal design starts with a few basic principles. Today it is necessary and also very practical to create a suite: bedroom, bathroom and dressing. If possible and there is the necessary space available, one can design this suite for each bedroom.

Modern Dressing:

The dressing has become an important place that we enjoy every day. Ambiance, lighting are part of the ideal dressing, without losing sight of the practical side.