Contempory house in Grimbergen - Marcotte Style
Contempory house in Grimbergen - Total Interior Design
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Marcottestyle transformed this home from A to Z to create a new showroom home.

The contemporary style with a touch of country style is extended into all the rooms.

The bathrooms were humble and integrated into the room. Each room has either a separate dressing room or a large custom closet.

Subtle and thoughtful: To create a feeling of unity, the red room had the same recurring accents here and there. The curtains, the bedspread, the headboard and the office chair are executed in exactly the same red color. This is only possible because Marcottestyle can have both the bed and the custom office chair manufactured in his own joint venture business. Here everything is made to measure with beautiful fabrics, sublime leather and fine pure leather. To break a certain monotony, the interior designer added a second gray color, very soft. The bedside table and wardrobe custom made also have this beautiful gray color. The white color in the background gives a feeling of serenity. Not so easy to find fabrics that are exactly in the same colors, but this result certainly makes all the difference.

In the blue room, the designer opted for a headboard rather wide and lower. Here, the curtain, the bedspread and the bespoke headboard are perfectly matched.