Gent Cottage appartement - Marcotte Style
Gent Cottage appartement - Total Interior Design
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From the early stages onwards, Marcotte Style provided full guidance to the principal for this flat. The advantage is that Marcotte Style supports the principal as an independent professional adviser vis-à-vis all contractors up to the official completion. Furthermore, Marcotte Style will also adjust the plans for the planned interior decoration. This way, no superfluous or visibly inconvenient power points are installed. Instead, this all occurs in the right place, always in accordance with the pre-studied complete decoration. Power points in the floor are neatly countersunk and all wiring for the music installation is precisely in the right spot in the tailor-made case or living room library. For a complete project, this service is completely free of charge and no fee-based remuneration is charged.

In this case, Marcotte Style was almost given ‘carte blanche’ for the design, although the principal, who lives on the other side of the world, could always make adjustments beforehand thanks to the ‘architecture file’ with 3D presentation, photos of every chosen piece of furniture, CAD plans etc. that were already drawn up at the start in coordination with the principal.

Here, there is a non-excessive, light, but still very warm atmosphere. No wonder this flat has already appeared in several books and magazines as an example of a warm cottage style.

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