Embassy Brussels - Marcotte Style
Embassy Brussels - Total Interior Design
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A task not to be underestimated for fully equipping a 1200 m² 4-storey embassy in 50 days. Negotiations and discussions have taken more than a year.

A consulate was installed at the ground floor. A full custom kitchen was arranged on the lower floor. Several Ambassadors take up residence here.

In addition to represent the country by an ambassador, there is also the NATO ambassador and the ambassador who is in charge of the special mission to represent his country in the EU.

So, a lot of staff work in such a centralized embassy. At the very top of the last floor, ergonomic and practical office desks were installed for more than 20 employees.

There was a special choice for a retro style with a contemporary southern tint. The grandeur of the stylish large crystal lusters fits perfectly with an embassy and yet the interior architect has wanted to add an extra accent. This can be seen from the here and there gray details such as some carpets and more like 50 wall lamps that the beige, as main color, must consciously contrast somewhere. It breaks the monotony and gives some depth with a gray color variant. In order to continue to give the southern and fresh feeling, it is striking that the light colors will continue to be dominant.

In September 2012 you can find the book “Living with style – TIMELESS DREAM HOMES 3”  by Patrick Retour in every bookstore, where this realization is illustrated and described on 10 pages.

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