Country kitchen and livingroom in Kalmthout - Marcotte Style
Country kitchen and livingroom in Kalmthout - Total Interior Design
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A partial interior design is only successful if one hamony can be made from existing parts. For example, the style of the living room and the dining room has been taken up in the style of this beautiful new kitchen. The panels were then painted with an old-fashioned patina. An old door has been transformed into a comfortable and unusual coffee table. The new red brick lounge chair now occupies a prime place. With red cushions, the living room suddenly becomes more dynamic and comfortable.

This kitchen has received a timeless design that the resident will appreciate for many years. This dream kitchen has everything from a kitchen, where you can cook and with the rest of the family or make a comfortable conversation with friends. Thanks to a professional working method, a judicious choice of materials and a thoughtful design, the kitchen fits perfectly integrated into the dining room. However, the two spaces are completely different from each other optically, but thanks to the use of the same materials, one space flows into the other.