Antwerp villa country style - Marcotte Style
Antwerp villa country style - Total Interior Design
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This villa was completely redecorated by Marcotte Style in 2005 in country style as this suited best with its surroundings. For several years, this has been their show room house now. Here, you get the feeling we want to pass on with new projects, too. The finishing, the colors, the harmony in all the furniture; in short, everything is well-balanced.

On the second floor, you will see a new walk-in wardrobe, in which the cupboards were tailor-made to look more like a luxurious living room. Here, there is over 20 running meters of curtain samples with more than 3,000 kinds of fabric, carpet samples with all possible colors and variations, curtain cords, you name it.

The harmony in the colors is, as always, successful. As a matter of fact, Marcotte Style gives a free colour advice with every complete decoration. We also do not charge a fee-based remuneration for a complete decoration.

This villa was also filmed by RTL (see video fragment villa Anvers) and is featured in several books and magazines.

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