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Bespoke cupboard

All Marcotte Style customized cupboards are made using the most advanced CNC mills and highly technical planing, sawing and sanding machines. You can choose from a customized cupboard with or without high gloss, satin or matt powder coating.

Fully integrated customized cupboards

For customized cupboards we work as follows:

  • All measurements, materials to be used, illustrations, colors and remarks are carefully recorded. Thus all questions are answered, ensuring that there is no miscommunication before the customized cupboards are designed.
  • After the measurements are taken on-site, everything is carefully drafted by an interior designer.
  • As soon as you agree with the sketches the customized cupboards are integrated into the complete interior decorating file. The interior designer will also create a 3D projection to provide an actual view that will perfectly fit into the interior decor.
  • Upon approval of the 3D projection all measurements are retaken. All cupboards will only be made to measure after this step.

When carrying out the complete refurbishing, you will NOT be charged any COMISSION for the preparation of the quotation and drafting of the plans.

Additional quotation apart from your customized cupboard.

Decorating a home is sometimes much more costly than you may think. We will therefore also, if you require, request additional quotations from selected carpenters, who can also manufacture and install high quality products. Thus you not only opt for a customized cupboard, but also for quality decor that is complete. In this case we do sometimes charge a small compensation.

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Marcotte Style supplies custom made cupboards, made with high technological CNC milling machines. Discover how we can also create your custom cabinets!